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The Second Gumatas Ministry was the twelfth Allegheny Cabinet, and held office from 21 October 2010 to 28 October 2010.Þ

Official List[]

Ministry Photos Minister Party
Prime Minister Gumatases.jpg Rey Gumatas ADP
Deputy Prime Minister
Mangilits.jpg Mary Grace Mangilit APP
Minister of Agriculture Jennifer Stone MP.jpg Jennifer Lindsay Stone ALP
Minister of Climate Change Christian Serratos MP.jpg Christian Serratos APP
Minister of Communications Shailene Woodley MP.jpg Shailene Diann Woodley ALP
Minister of Culture and the Arts Erin Sanders.jpg Erin Zariah Sanders ADP
Minister of Defense Sandro Zeller.jpg Sandro Zeller ADP
Minister of Education Sarah Hyland MP.jpg Sarah Hyland ADP
Minister of Energy Devon Werkheiser MP.jpg Devon Werkheiser APP
Minister of Environment Haley Ramm.jpg Haley Ramm ADP
Minister of Fashion Nina Dobrev MP.jpg Nina Dobrev ADP
Minister of Finance Renger v.d. Zande.jpg Renger van der Zande ALP
Minister of Food and Drink Nutrition Darwin Quintero.jpg Darwin Russell Quintero APP
Minister of Foreign Affairs Josh Hutcherson MP.jpg Joshua Ryan Hutcherson APP
Minister of Health Amanda Crew MP.jpg Amanda Crew APP
Minister of Home Affairs Nikki Reed.jpg Nicole Houston Reed ALP
Minister of Housing and Families Mark Joseph Castillo.jpg Mark Joseph Castillo ALP
Minister of Human Settlements Emmanuel Vargas.jpg Emmanuel Vargas APP
Minister of Information,Broadcasting and Media Brittany Curran MP.jpg Brittany Curran ALP
Minister of Justice
Attorney-General of Allegheny
Chris Zanella.jpg Christopher Zanella ALP
Minister of Labor Daniel Abt.jpg Daniel Abt ADP
Minister of Police Jackson Rathbone.jpg Monroe Jackson Rathbone IV ADP
Minister of Science and Technology Alison Brie.jpg Alison Brie ADP
Minister of Social Development Carlos Munoz.jpg Carlos Munoz ADP
Minister of Tourism Lily Collins.jpg Lily Jane Collins ALP
Minister of Trade and Commerce James Calado.jpg James Calado ALP
Minister of Transportation Gilbert Rono.jpg Gilberto Rono APP
Minister of Veterans' Affairs Paul Wesley.jpg Paul Wesley ALP
Minister of Water Works Molly McCook.jpg Molly McCook APP
Minister of Woman's Affair Francia Raisa.jpg Francia Raisa APP
Minister of Works and Highways Ian Somerhalder.jpg Ian Somerhalder ALP
Minister of Youth and Sports Kay Panabaker.jpg Stephanie Kay Panabaker ADP
Cabinet Secretary Kendall Jenner MP.jpg Kendall Nicole Jenner ADP

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